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Some more clips of these songs will be available soon (very soon) for your listening pleasure, br>Go to and download a couple songs (cuz that's all we have to offer right now)

1. Man Chowder (rock)
2. Man Chowder (acoustic)[lyrics]
3. Have an Almond- [lyrics]
4. The Dreams of J.B. Skills and the Modifier[lyrics]
5. March of the Phirbeez [lyrics]
6. Gumshoo [lyrics]
7. Dr. Funk [lyrics]
8. Shit [lyrics]
9. 16 oz. Coffee [lyrics]
10. Augmentation of Satin [lyrics]
11. Upward Scale [lyrics]
12. Berrie's Graditude [lyrics]
13. Guilty [lyrics]
14. I'll Think of Something, Someday [lyrics]
15. Things Will Be Alright [lyrics]